After Sales Service

G&N grinders are known to be extremely robust and reliable

However, should problems occur, please contact our service department directly. You can obtain original spare parts through us, arrange repairs and basic overhauls or have maintenance carried out. Our service technicians can also solve various machine problems directly on site.
With appropriate precautions and maintenance of your machine:

  • you ensure operational readiness
  • maintain precision
  • avoid downtimes
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On-site Service & Repairs

If major repairs or maintenance work is required that cannot be carried out by your staff, our service technicians will come directly to you on schedule. We are in operation worldwide. You are also welcome to send your machine to G&N for repair, since we find the best conditions here and the mechanical and electrical specialists are on site.

You can reach our customer service under:

Please describe the problem you have encountered in advance so that we can provide you with the best possible support. You would help us a lot if you let us know the corresponding machine type as well as the order/machine number including the year of manufacture.

Spare Parts and Wearing Parts

A large number of spare and wearing parts are kept in stock in our well equipped warehouse in Erlangen. This enables in almost all cases an instant delivery of urgently required parts to our customers.

Kindly quote the part number as per spare parts list in the operating manual for quick processing.


Darstellung Ersatzteile